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Avoid Supermarket Christmas Trees

For safety and longevity of your tree try to avoid supermarkets Christmas trees and large chain stores. These trees are cut up to a month earlier than your local tree lots. Most local or family tree lots will be able to beat any supermarket tree prices.

Purchasing a real Christmas tree can be a great experience if done correctly. Most states have a large amount of tree lots ran by families and non- profit organizations that specialize in the care of your tree. Local tree lots have the knowledge and care about the freshness of your tree.

They will be sure to supply you with a tree that will last the longest for the climate that you live in. Christmas trees are not priority to supermarkets, therefore you will find them exposed to direct sunlight, mangled branches and again cut months earlier than local tree lots. Large chain stores do not apply a fresh cut, which is detrimental to the longevity of your tree.

Avoid Supermarket Christmas Trees at your cost of freshness

Supermarkets are not equipped with the proper tools to properly care for any Christmas tree. Most family owned tree lots will also provide you loading and tie down of your Christmas tree to your vehicle.

Avoid supermarket Christmas trees to guarantee the freshness that will insure the longevity of the tree.